Top Five restaurants of Bangladesh in Dhaka (with Pictures)

If your wife is a staunch feminist, there’s every chance that she will rant at you for making her toil in the kitchen, even on the hallowed festive days.

To forestall such a chance, you may plan a safe escapade with her for any of the top five restaurants of Bangladesh in Dhaka. The time will thus begin for your gastronomic journey at Dhaka.

1.Baton Rouge

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This is a multi-speciality restaurant with a massive buffet spread of hundred and one items. This is located in Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka and it has a huge area covering 10,500 sq ft.

It offers you with a vast and a variety in its culinary ride. It has continental, Pan-Asian and a huge spread of starters and deserts in the menu. The restaurant has conference hall for private or corporate seminars on reservation, a buffet in dinner and lunch, cocktail receptions, B.B.Q at dinner on request and all kinds of catering also. The restaurant offers local Bangladeshi food in its gourmet.

In a whole, it is the best place if you are looking for a family get-together or a formal outing.

2.The Atrium Restaurant


This restaurant is an experience of gastronomic appreciates. It is situated at Bharidhara, Dhaka, with a distinctive menu of continental and oriental specialty.

Chinese food has always enjoyed a cult, following among gourmets across the world. Now, Thai food is gradually becoming the mainstay of global palates. It is healthy and the presentation is also enticing. The specialty of this restaurant lies on the delicious Chinese spread and spice of Thai in its dishes. The roof-top of the restaurant is quite famous amongst the music lovers.

The place seems quite relaxing and has a natural feeling of mild and beautiful environment itself. The flavorsome food serves as a perfect add on in such laid-back situation.

3.Mainland China

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This is one of the best Chinese or Pan-Asian restaurants in Dhaka. It is a standalone restaurant of an Indian Culinary chain and a sister concern of a food industry of Calcutta.

As far as the Chinese platter is concerned, it blends the diverse flavors originating from various provinces. Authentic Chinese cuisine has almost become an endangered entity due to rampant localization across the globe. The restaurant solemnly tries to get the authentic flavors of Chinese food in its plate. The main course has some of the most delectable delicacies like, Fish in Oyster Sauce, Ma Fai Chap Choy, and Cauliflower Manchurian, which can be teamed up with Cantonese Rice and ginger coriander noodles, which is totally a Chinese experience.

4.Spice & Rice

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This is a part of Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel Dhaka with a vast spread of Thai, Japanese, Chinese and many more Far East Asian cuisine in its platter.

After the random entry of Chinese and Thai food in our epicurean menu list, now, Japanese is gaining its popularity for healthy eating and scrumptious food. This would be the best fit restaurant for any food connoisseur for its exotic delicacy in its food pantheon. It has abundant option of starter, main course, and deserts in the menu list.

The Indian and Bangladeshi dishes, which are more or less similar, are also one of the specialties of this restaurant. The ‘navabi mutton kebab’ smells lip smacking as if presented from the ‘shahi’ kitchen.

5.Bar-B-Q Tonight

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Those who are in love with ‘meat on stick’, Bar-B-Q Tonight is a must visit place for them. This restaurant is situated in Dhamondi, Dhaka.

The smoked, grilled chicken with a cool platter of ‘Kashmiri falooda’, can be the best for a weekend culinary experience. This is a place to relish all the grilled and kebab items, that you must have to have it again.

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