Top Eight MBA Colleges in Bangladesh

Top Ten MBA Colleges in Bangladesh!

The most accepted and worthy higher qualification to establish yourself in the corporate world is to have an MBA degree in your pocket. But the next question that obviously appears in our mind is ‘How good it is to study MBA in Bangladesh’.

Bangladesh has advanced in great pace for providing world acclaimed MBA degrees to students who are successfully employed in top-notch companies of the world. But choosing a righteous college to have such competitive degree is the foremost important step towards a successful career. Here is a list of top 8 MBA colleges in Bangladesh.

1. North South University

North south University is the first government approved private university of Bangladesh that has a reputation for its MBA program. The Business School of NSU is well-known for its flexible and innovative introduction of syllabus to aid their student, so that they are able to cope with the rapidly changing business statistics worldwide.

The business programs have been designed under the guidelines of the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the highest amongst the business schools in the USA.

2. BRAC University

BRAC University came into existence from 2001. As being a new era university, it is designed with the modernized technique of teaching and implementation of its course for MBA Programs.

BRAC University has top three most popular business programs, internationally acclaimed for the students, which are MBA (Master of Business Administration), EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) and MBM (Master of Bank Management).

The courses are the highly proficient course that one can opt for a guaranteed bright career in corporate genre.

3. American International University Bangladesh

American International University Bangladesh, AIUB envisage promoting professional and outstanding leadership catering to the day-to-day commercial and technological need of the country.

The university mainly believes in imparting technical, pioneering, equipped, and computerized education to their students so that they can make their place stronger in the internationally competitive professional market.

The university also organizes time to time discussion rounds with their students, and frequently updates them about the campus interviews that they need to face.

4. The Asian University of Bangladesh

The Asian University of Bangladesh is known to impart best education, and to equip you with all skills to face the tough commercial world after your MBA. The invited companies for campus interviews seem to hold a good place to hire their future corporate leaders.

The syllabus is well computed keeping in mind the international market and fastest growing of world business strategies. AUB syllabus for MBA mainly focuses on case studies and research work to enable their students to survive with head held high on such rigorous competitive market.

The university is well equipped with updated infrastructure to provide students with a highly learning environment.

5. International Islamic University Chittagong

International Islamic University Chittagong is one of the top ranked government approved private universities in Bangladesh. This university is known to have strong and strict principal faculty members that strengthen the base of their students to face any kind of circumstances in their corporate world.

This university has a special course of MBM (Master of Bank Management) other than MBA program. It has signed a couple of academic collaboration with foreign educational organizations. Globally, employers demand for MBA’s, and so the increase in job opportunity for offshore is also is in craze. The university well manages to prepare their students to join the international race on the ever moving business grounds.

6. East West University

East West University has a detailed main course MBA syllabus, and the internship here is believed to be well-structured to help the students get in touch with the real business world other that their academic syllabus.

The potential manpower of Bangladesh, thus, prepares them to fit in the complex and dynamic corporate world after they complete their business studies. The university takes responsibility to fulfill the dreams of their students, and help them to excel well.

7. University of Asia Pacific

UAP has a vision to enhance the course of business education in Bangladesh from time to time. It focuses on communicating with the best available courses of MBA to the students.

Though the program remains a bit simple, but the in-depth knowledge of the subject is what the university stress on. There is an increase in demand of the International business market in Bangladesh, and so the demand for MBA rises upward in the graph.

The university focuses on educating their students, so that they stand the race of the world market.

8. University of Dhaka- Institute of Business Administration

Dhaka University Institute of Business Administration (IBA) ranks amongst the top for developing skill and proficiency in students, with its core management courses. The first half of the course is in-depth basic of management study and the next is followed by a range of elective courses.

There are six successive semesters along with an internship. MBA in Dhaka University IBA is a specially designed program for the part-time degree pursuers, where they can complete the entire course in eleven successive semesters along with the opportunity of an internship.

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