Top 2 Methods of Long Range Communication

This article throws light upon the top two methods of long range communication. After reading this article you will also learn about: 1. Physical Communication Method 2. Technical Communication Method.

Method # 1. Physical Communication Method:

This method is very primitive method and being used since time immemorial.

There had been a lot of change in this method, as the civilizations became more organized and advance. For his type of communication the physical involvement of tangible objects took place.

The speed of transmitting a message through these methods is slow & it takes a lot of time in transmitting a message.

The probability of leakage of message is high under this method. These methods are shown in Fig. 17.7.

Physical Communication Methods

Method # 2. Technical Communication Method:

With the rapid development in technology, the communications get new definition. New technology helped the individual to transmit their message quickly. Electronics mode of communication played a very importance role in the transmission and reception of the messages. The use of distance communication began in 1844.

With the innovation of telegraph, then in 1877 the commercial introduction of telephone, wireless communication came into existence in 1895. Since then there have been a remarkable change in a product and services provided. Now a day, the world looks incomplete without these products and service. Now a day, products have come necessarily for the human being.

Every day we are getting news regarding the development of sophisticated products which not only improve the communication services but also make it possible for the people to be in touch with the world round the clock.

The most important gift of the last century to the mankind is mobile communication and Internet. Now a day Internet has emerged as a very potential means of communication. In a very small span of time this service emerged as a breakthrough in the field of communication.

Today, it has become possible for the people to have a live discussion with their relative’s friends and business associates with the help of this facility. The technical communication methods can be described with the help of fig. 17.8.

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