Top 14 Management Information System (MIS) Reports

This article throws light upon the fourteen MIS reports required to evaluate various functional sub-systems. Some of the reports are: 1. Sales report 2. Budget 3. Production report 4. Cash flow statement 5. Funds flow statement 6. Budgeted and actual profit report 7. Machine utilization report and Others.

MIS Report # 1. Sales Report:

This report is prepared by marketing and sales division and provided a complete sales analysis of different products sold in different geographical areas by the concern.

The analysis is based on the budgeted and actual sales figures. It clearly points out the difference between budgeted and actual sales figures, known as sales variance, with reasons.

MIS Report # 2. Budget:

Several types of budgets are prepared in the business, i.e. income and expenditure budget, production budgets, cash budgets etc. These budgets contain a vast information.

MIS Report # 3. Production Report:

This report is prepared by the manufacturing division of the concern and states about the production targets achieved by the production department and also highlight variation between budgeted production and actual achievements.

MIS Report # 4. Cash flow statements:

Such as a statement gives, the figures of cash inflows and cash outflow during the period of operations. It also indicates the sources of funds utilised in case cash outflows are more than cash inflows.

MIS Report # 5. Funds flow statement:

This statement is prepared by the accounting and finance division of the concern and it clearly points out various sources of funds as well as their application areas during any period.

MIS Report # 6. Budgeted and actual profit report:

This report is prepared in accounts department and points out clearly the figures of budgeted and actual profit of the concern during a specified period. It also states the reasons which have accounted for any decrease or increase in the actual profit figure.

MIS Report # 7. Machine utilisation report:

This report too is prepared by the superior in-charge of the shop floor in the manufacturing division. Such a report clearly gives the details of machine hours utilised for different jobs and the duration for which machine remained idle.

MIS Report # 8. Report on financial statements:

Income statement and balance sheet are important sources of giving financial information not only to shareholders but also to the government and other concerned parties.

MIS Report # 9. Report on ideal time:

This report is prepared at the shop floor level of the manufacturing division by using time booking records. This report states clearly the time actually spent by the worker on different jobs and the time for which he was sitting idle due to either want of material, electricity or any other resource.

MIS Report # 10. Abnormal losses report:

This report is submitted by the manufacturing division of the concern and reflects any increase in product cost arising due to abnormal situations in the areas of material, labour and ideal facilities.

MIS Report # 11. Cost reports:

In respect of different departments of an enterprise, several cost reports are prepared. For example, production cost report, departmental cost report etc. Through these reports, several types of information are given to the management.

MIS Report # 12. Statistical publications:

Several types of statistical information are needed for plan formulation, decision making and control. They are obtained from published and other sources.

MIS Report # 13. Orders in hand report:

This report is prepared by marketing and sales division and states in qualitative terms the orders received by the concern in respect of each of its products along with the ratio of orders in hand to production capacity.

MIS Report # 14. Other reports:

MIS can use many other reports and statements besides those mentioned above. They may be daily production statement, daily statement of raw material used – stock statement etc..

Submitted by : Dr. Alan, Category : Information System