"The Promptings of the Heart are More to be Trusted than the Logic of the Mind."

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The direct derivation could be under­stood as: listening to our heart may lead us to utmost blissfulness. By and large Emotions trigger and pro­voke thinking processes.

Flower, feelings may be out of one’s experiences and ideas. It is said that feelings can make us believe & perform certain, rather, implausible and unattainable effects/things.

Logic of the Mind

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Rousseau known for his Romantic reflections. His theory of ideas and romanticism reckons all to be born as good. It is the application of our ideas and socializa­tion that corrupts our mind and may not the soul. It emphasizes on drawing inspiration from one’s own heart than mind to find the eternal answers and findings of philosophical truth, favoring emotions over calcu­lations and reality over imagination. The phrase clearly indicates the importance of feelings and wanders about the scope heart gives to abstract and produces variety, giving way to nature & freedom.

Reason is always a kind of brute force. Those who appeal to the head rather than the heart, however, pallid and polite, are necessarily men of evidence. We speak of ‘touching ‘ a man’s heart but, we can do nothing to his head but hit it. Rousseau failed of anything ‘ human face’ in an era of scientific development and application of science to eradicate all human notaries which material developments brought about. Fifteen Deputies on words science was sully the roost and interleague believed that phenomenal growth in scientific knowledge world put an end to all problems of humanity and this few a system of development devoid of human face.

Following era of capitalism, notification industiralization and conse­quent development of observation with eco develop­ment of city tide and breakdown of traditional societal institution without paper replacement by new institu­tion.

In such as era of position from tradition to moder­nity, Resource law a direct candied between human and material development and forms that humanity was model subservient to materialism it’s a social of humani­ties inspired French Reputation he jaw priories to human elysian compared to material various.

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