"The Collapse of Berlin Wall in 1989 Brought New Ideas of Co-operation in Europe."

This article gives information about “The Collapse of Berlin Wall in 1989 brought new Ideas of Co-operation in Europe”

The fall of the Berlin Wall had begun with the building of the wall in 1961. However it took three decades until the wall was torn down.

The fall was later followed by the disintegration of USSR in 1991, December and consequently lessening of the communist hold on the Eastern Europe.

new Ideas of Co-operation in Europe

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The fall brought new hopes of greater co-operation among the European states. Ultimately East and West Germany unified on Oct, 3, 1990. Europe is a geographical unit, a civilization, a concept. It is the heart of the civilization because Judaic, Greek, Roman and Christian traditions originated here and spread as far as the new world, Australia and New Zealand. Democracy seems to be spreading its wings in the Eastern Europe owing to its success in the USA. Democratic national governments soon replaced the puppet regimes planted by the Communist-Russia.

Efforts for the integration of Europe have continued for almost two centuries. But now after the fall of Berlin wall and disintegration of Europe the idea seems to be more practical. Churchill underlined the idea of unification and said that it must be done on the lines of United Nations.

A number of institutions representing the Western European states had been working very efficiently during the post war period viz; Council of Europe, thus after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Political Integration of the whole Europe seems to be near.

Collective security and military defense of the whole Europe seems to be more pragmatic because whole Europe is one geographical unit. Economic integration of the Europe was another area of co­operation because now the Eastern and Western Europe can trade without the external influence of communist, whose hold is in the phase of decline. Overall it can be said that the fall of the wall of Berlin symbolizes a great dream of integration of Europe in all fields which in the past had been one geographical unit, a civilization, a concept.

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