'Certification trade marks' registration in India - Essay

It is mandatory to supply the Regulations governing use of ark, including provisions as to the cases in which the Applicant is to goods or services and to authorize the use of the certification trade mark, along with Application in triplicate on Form TM-49. The regulations governing the certification mark shall specify:

(i) Description of the Applicant;

(ii) Nature of Applicant business;

(iii) The particulars of infrastructure like R&D, technical manpower support;

(iv) The applicant’s competence to administer the certification scheme;

(v) The applicant’s financial agreement;

(vi) An undertaking from the application that there will be no discrimination of any party if they meet the requirements set down in the regulations;

(vii) The characteristics the mark will indicate in the certified goods on in relation to the rendering of certified services;

(viii) The manner of monitoring the use of the mark in India;

The Applicant must not be carrying the business in respect of which the certification mark is sought to be registered.

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