11 Important Principles of Leadership in Organizations

Basic principles of leadership can be grouped as follows:

1. Must Know Him and Continuously Seek Self-improvement:

To know self, one has to understand attributes like, be, know and do. Seeking self-improvement means continually strengthening such attributes, which can be accomplished through reading, self-study, classes, etc.

2. Be Technically Proficient:

As a leader, one must know his job and the job of his followers.

3. Must Seek Responsibility and Take Responsibility for His Actions:

Leader must guide his organization to new heights. In the process of guiding, things may at time go wrong.

He must not blame others for the situation, rather, must take the responsibility himself. He must analyse the situation, take corrective action and move on to the next action.

4. Must Make Sound and Timely Decisions:

Using problem-solving, decision-making, planning and various controlling tools, a leader must make sound and timely decisions.

5. Must Set the Example:

A leader is a role model for his followers. He must not only hear what he is expected to do, but also see.

6. Must Know People and Think about Their Weil-Being:

Leader must know the nature of his followers and must be nurturing and caring for them.

7. Must Keep Followers Informed:

Transparency in information enhances commitment from the followers. Hence, a leader must know how to communicate and keep his followers informed.

8. Must Develop a Sense of Responsibility in Followers:

Development orientation requires inculcating good character traits within followers, which will help them to carry out their professional responsibilities.

9. Must Ensure Tasks Are Understood, Supervised and Accomplished:

This also requires transparent communication with followers.

10. Must Train Followers as a Team:

Inculcating team spirit and culture in the followers enable a leader to accomplish the organizational goals. Hence, this is also considered as one of the important principles of leadership.

11. Must Develop Full Capabilities of Organization:

A leader by developing a team spirit develops an organization to its fullest capabilities.

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