11 Acts of Indiscipline or Misconducts for an Employer

Acts of Indiscipline or Misconducts for an employer are as follows:

Every act of indiscipline is called misconduct. Under the model standing orders, suspension has been provided for.

i) Disobedience and insubordination

ii) Theft, fraud, dishonesty in connection with employer’s business of property

iii) Willful damage/loss of employer’s goods

iv) Taking or giving any bribes/illegal gratification

v) Habitual absence/unauthorised absence for more than 10 days

vi) Habitual late attendance

vii) Habitual breach of any law applicable to the establishment

viii) Riotous or disorderly behaviour during the working hours at the establishment or any act subversive of discipline

ix) Habitual negligence or neglect of work

x) Frequent repetition of any act of omission for which fine may be imposed, and

xi) Striking work or inciting others to strike in contravention of any law.

Submitted by : Dr. Khloe, Category : Business Management