10 Salient Features of the Vedic System of Education

1. The ancient Indian education emerged from Vedas as they were the main sources of Indian philosophy of life.

2. The attitude of the people towards life was intellectual and spiritual, rather than materialistic. Their main objective was to attain salvation through education and that too through religious education.

3. Indian culture was surcharged with religious feelings and it was assigned prominent place in the field of education.

4. The forest home of the preceptor in the midst of calm, charming, natural surrounding served as the educational institution where the pupil lived after the Upanayana or initiation ceremony. The preceptor occupied the place of the father or guardian and was discharging the duties by shouldering the responsibility of his ward’s maintenance. Much emphasis was laid on the formation of character through ‘plain living and high thinking’.

5. The basis of admission was moral fitness and unimpeachable conduct. The pupils belonging to a lower order of moral conduct was forbidden to live in the house of the preceptor.

6. The discipline of Brahmacharya or Celibacy was compulsory for all. Education helped in the observance of celibacy, control over senses and purity of life.

7. To serve the preceptor was considered as the sacred duty by the pupils. Being a residential pupil he was looking to the comforts of the Guru. In thought, speech Development of Education in India and deed he pledged devotion to his Guru. The pupil worshipped the Guru as his own father or God.

8. Teachers were held in high esteem and students had great respect and devotion for them. Pupils who neglected their duties towards the preceptor were debarred from education and were expelled from the institution.

9. The practical aspect of life was not lost of sight. Side by side with art, literature, and philosophy students were getting working knowledge in agriculture and other vocations of life.

10. Individual was the teaching unit and all round development of the child’s personality was the chief aim of education. The method of teaching was psychological in nature.

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