10 Points an Entrepreneur Needs to Keep in Mind while Designing a Product

Generally, an entrepreneur needs to keep the following considerations in view while designing his/her product:

The backbone of any small enterprise is the product it offers. Then, the question arises is what product to offer? The answer to this question starts with the design of the product. The fact of the matter is that product design is the mother of all operations processes in an organization. Product design gives the blueprint for production.

In other words, product design is the key strategic decision an entrepreneur has to take at the very beginning. The experience suggests that the image of an enterprise and its profit earning capacity, to a great extent, are influenced by the product design. This is because the product design once decided continues for a long time.

Therefore, one needs to keep in view various factors like changes in environment technology and consumer tastes/ requirements while finalizing project design. This also means that product launching should be dictated by market demands. But product design is not an easy task that anyone can do his/her own. The fact remains that a right type of product design involves certain considerations/stages to be weighed. It is said that more the time one spends on product design, better become one’s chances of success.

(i) Standardization

(ii) Reliability

(iii) Maintainability

(iv) Servicing

(v) Reproducibility

(vi) Sustainability

(vii) Product Simplification

(viii) Quality Commensuration with Cost

(ix) Product Value

(x) Consume quality

A Paradigram of Stages in Product Design

While one can add certain other considerations to this list depending upon the nature of product, the said consideration appear illustrate major one.

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