10 Most Important Kinds of Assignment Used in Teaching

Important kinds of assignment used in teaching are as follows:

The most common types of assignment used in teaching are the following:

Assignment Used in Teaching

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1. Page-by-page assignment:

This type is sometimes called the textbook assignment. It designates the number of pages to be covered. Page-by-page assignment is unsatisfactory, but recent studies have revealed that this type is still widely used in the elementary grades.

2. Assignment:

This is another form of tradi­tional or textbook assignment. Like the first type, it is still extensively used in secondary schools and in colleges. Prepa­ration for this type of assignment is left entirely to the pupils.

3. Problem assignment:

This type of assignment gets away from the basic textbook idea. It encourages the use of references and stimulates reflective thinking. In this type the problem to be solved is the prime consideration. Special directions and suggestions are important in this type of assignment.

4. Topical assignment:

In this kind of assignment the topic to be developed is the prime consideration. This is also a form of textbook assignment which is often given in social and natural science subjects.

5. Project assignment:

This is a special type of assign­ment which is best adapted to vocational courses, to natural science subjects, and in some measure to social science subjects and others content subjects. In this type of assignment a project is considered a unit.

6. Contract assignment:

This form of assignment is exten­sively used in individualized types of instruction with the main purpose of adjusting the task to the ability and interest of the individual.

7. Unit Assignment:

This type is associated with the Mastery Plan and the Cycle Plan of instruction. It is best adapted to the subjects which are divided into units. The so- called flexible assignment is used with the unit assignment plan.

8. Cooperative or group assignment:

Cooperative assign­ment is most frequently utilized in a socialized type of recita­tion, or in a project method of instruction. Assignment of this type stimulates pupils to do their own thinking and to organize their materials. Here pupils also participate in determining desirable objectives and in deciding what should be done to attain them. Cooperative assignment can be utilized to advantage in many high school classes.

9. Syllabus assignment:

Syllabus assignment is often utilized in the college or university. In this type of assignment, questions and references are given to guide the students. Here again guide questions and other suggestions are given to insure attention to the important points of the lesson.

10. Drill assignment:

It is the purpose of this assignment to strengthen the connections formed in the process of growth in mental motor skills. Memorizing a poem or mastery of facts or simple combination facts in Arithmetic are good examples of this type of assignment. Drill assignment, like other type of assignment, should be motivated.

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