10 Methods to Increase Productivity - Explained!

Some of the methods that can be applied to increase productivity are as follows:

(I) Providing various incentives to workers:

Labour productivity can be increased to a great extent by providing various wage and non-wage incentives to the workers. Some of the important non-wage incentives are workers’ participation in management, job security, praise of their work and giving proper recognition etc. Results shown by workers’ participation in management are very encouraging and positive.

Different methods are undertaken in order to ensure participation of workers in management viz., introducing suggestion scheme, joint consultations, and formation of workers committees and representation of workers in the board of directors.

These methods have considerably helped in enhancing labour productivity by increasing mutual trust and achieving co-operation and better understanding between employer and employees. A detailed description of the concept of workers’ participation in management is given in separate chapter.

(2) Provision of adequate health, safety and welfare measures:

Health, safety and welfare measures as given under Factories Act, 1948 should be provided to workers in the factories. This will lead to lesser accidents and will considerably improve productivity and overall efficiency of the workers.

(3) Improved working conditions:

Working conditions and environment of work should be proper. There should be limited number of working hours followed by rest pauses. Proper arrangements for light, ventilation and cleanliness etc., should be made. These amenities have a positive impact on labour productivity.

(4) Application of scientific management:

Scientific management techniques and practices including the application of work, time and motion studies will lead to saving in time and most effective utilisation of available resources and removal of wastage and inefficiency which will greatly help in enhancing the productivity of workers and machines.

(5) Application of simplification, standardisation and specialisation to all production activities:

Process of simplification, standardisation and specialisation has positive impact on productivity. Work is carried out systematically and in the most effective manner thereby considerably reducing production costs and enhancing productivity. The concepts of simplification, standardisation and specialisation have been explained under scientific management.

(6) Scientific selection and training of workers:

Scientific selection, placement and training is greatly helpful in increasing productivity of the workers. Right type of candidate is selected for the right type of job.

(7) Application of cost, quality and production control:

Different techniques of cost, quality and production control are very helpful in increasing productivity. These concepts are explained in detail in different chapters of this book.

(8) Industrial research:

Constant industrial research and experimentation brings about new methods and techniques of production which are greatly helpful in increasing industrial productivity and total production.

(9) Proper plant layout:

The layout of machines and equipment should be in such a manner which ensures smooth and unrestricted flow of production operations and processes. Thus proper arrangement ensures lesser work stoppages thereby increasing total volume of production and productivity.

(10) Effective material handling and internal transport:

Defective system of material handling and improper internal transport system i.e. taking material, equipment and tools from one job to another or from the department to another adversely affects the productivity.

On the other hand, effective and proper system of material control and internal transport is immensely helpful in enhancing productivity. An effective system of material handling and internal transport can be ensured if plant layout is effective.

Besides the above mentioned measures to improve productivity there are many other ways and techniques available to enhance productivity viz., proper and effective supervision, control of overheads, inventories, scrap and idle time etc.

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