10 Conditions that Affects the Health and Welfare of Workers

The conditions under which workers perform their task have great bearing of their general health and efficiency. Therefore, the condition which affects the health and welfare of workers must be given immediate attention.

1. Cleanliness:

According to the Act every factory shall be kept clean and free form effluvia arising form, privy or other nuisance. The dirt and refuse should be removed daily from the floors of workshops, staircases and passages. Once during a week, the floor of every shop will be washed using disinfectants so that germs could be destroyed. Where a floor is liable to become wet in course of any manufacturing process, effective means of drainage must be provided for removal of water.

2. Disposal of waste and effluents:

The effective arrangement for the efficient disposal of waste and effluents caused due to the manufacturing process should be provided.

3. Ventilation and temperature:

In every factory the management is responsible for providing effective and suitable arrangement for adequate ventilation so that fresh air can always be circulated. The temperature in the workshop should be maintained at such a level so as to give reasonable comforts to the workers so that there is no problem for health.

4. Dust and Fume:

In every factory in which there is a production of any dust or fume or other impurity of such nature which is likely to be harmful to the health of workers, effective step should be taken to prevent its inhalation and accumulation in any shops of the factory.

5. Artificial Humidification:

In all factories in which humidity of air is artificially increase; the following are the matters on which rules can be made by the Government:

(i) It can prescribe standard of humidification up to which it can be raised.

(ii) It can regulate the methods used for artificially increasing the humidity or air.

(iii) It can prescribe tests for determining the humidity or air during working time.

(iv) It can prescribe methods to be adopted for securing adequate ventilation and cooling of the air in the work stations.

6. Overcrowding:

The act provides that no room in factory should be overcrowded to an extent which is injurious to the health of workers working in the factory.

7. Lighting:

The Act ensures compulsory provision for maintenance of sufficient and suitable lighting, natural and artificial in every part of the factory or unit where. Workers are at work or happen to pass.

8. Drinking Water:

The Act Provides that in every factory which has more than 250 workers or employees, water coolers will be installed at suitable points conveniently suited for all workers, so that workers could drink water.

9. Latrines and Urinals:

In every factory, sufficient latrines and urinals of prescribed types shall be provided at conveniently located place which are accessible to all workers at all the working times. There will be separate latrines and urinals for men and women. There shall be a proper provision for lighting and ventilation of the latrines and urinals.

10. Spittoons:

There should be sufficient number of spittoons for spitting purpose at convenient places and maintained in neat & clean plus hygienic conditions.

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